Theorycraft is BACK in action on Nostalrius! 

by Istaria on Tue Dec 17th 2013

string(40) "Unable to connect to SQL host: localhost" Hello! We are glad to announce that we have made a comeback after a long period of inactivity in World of Warcraft. Even if the surface has been calm, our guild has been going strong in the background and outside the game with several successful LAN events and other activities. Now, however, it's time to make a return to our roots. Literally.

We're back on Nostalrius, a vanilla 1.12.1 / 1.4 WoW server.

Click here » to read the entire information package.

Click here » to read our old TBC era recruitment info post and achievements.

Contact info 

by Istaria on Sat Sep 27th 2008

string(40) "Unable to connect to SQL host: localhost" Although Theorycraft hasn't raided for some time, we are still an active and alive community here on the forums and on IRC (, and it is possible we'll make a comeback for something. It won't be wrath of the lich king, though. There are rumors circulating that we are looking to recruit people for the launch of the expansion, but this is not true. Do not fall for them.

Although our IRC channel is password protected to restrict it from non-members, you can contact me for a password if you really need it (Istaria @ or visit #shatteredhalls on the same network, as many of us hang around on the channel still.

If you are looking to contact a particular member, the easiest way is to get in contact with me so I can direct you to him or her.

Brutallus down! 

by Istaria on Mon May 19th 2008

string(40) "Unable to connect to SQL host: localhost" Theorycraft finally enraged after a couple of hours (or so) and Brutallus couldn't stand the heat. In fact there was lots of it, with our melee going nuts with [item]flame cap[/item] (whopping 6000 damage overall), warlocks summoning infernals to do mighty 150 additional dps each and even a crazed imp shooting firebolts.

A fight easy to learn but still very intensive for all players involved. Everyone needs to be on their toes for the whole six minutes, unlike me who ended up in the moment, throwing hammers of wrath in the end, allowing the tank to die... Luckily it was too late for the poor big guy at that point!

The guildbank is happy the scavenging is finally over.


[item]lightbringer belt[/item] to Ender
[item]slayer's belt[/item] to Zeh & dronsu
[item]heart of the pit[/item] to Faylayen