Magwurm defeated on heroic mode.  

by liekki on Thu Mar 31st 2011

So after a nearly three-week break we finally got our act together and got a raid up. A Good raid it was; engaging Magmaw for the first time and after figuring a solid tactic we managed to bring it down after mere 10 tries.

Good job from the raid crew once again and seems like we're back on track again.

Loot was:
[Akirus the Worm-Breaker] for Varicella
[Incineratus] for Huuhkis
[Stormrider's Grips] for Vepres

How about those clumsy steps, Atramedes!  

by liekki on Mon Feb 28th 2011

After having some problems this week due to our amazing guild lan party and the amount of booze available we finally got a half decent raid up and this comes with twist: we only had 9 people.

After spending some tries on it and getting the 1% wipe we dragged the only guy online not having seen even the first boss of Cataclysm to help with the dps.

Thanks alot for the smites, Skeletard!

Updated: Video available

Chimaeron put down for good. On heroic mode.  

by liekki on Mon Feb 21st 2011

Yeah.. News yet again! This time we set our eyes to Chimaeron, that fearsome doggy found somewhere within the lair. Not a very tame case that one, I can tell you!

Anyway, boss was very random, just like I had heard. And we had to brew some special tactics to overcome the randomness of back-to-back feuds and people getting gibbed instantly one by one in the last phase which resulted in two consecutive tries before the kill; 1.5% and 0.2%. *shivers* !

Dont know why they make encounters like this, but atleast it's over now. No likey.

Good job from our crew, once again. Persistent!

[Plated Fists of Provocation] for Iphigeneia
[Chaos Beast Bracers] for Xeh

Updated: Video available